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Muisc is the food of love


If you watch the auditions for “Idol” you often wonder what some of the entrants were thinking. Recently, I watched a funny videos on You-tube, where the contest was convience she was a good singer, yet she was appauling. However, she was very entertaining, but one would hope that her friends and family would be kind enough to tell her she is not Idol material and save her the diappointment.

The question is what makes a good singer and musician? They say Chuck Berry played his guitar off key, yet he is a popular artist. Jimmy Hendricks said he was embarassed to sing as he though he didn’t have a good enough voice. However, after he heard Bob Dylan, he felt confident to sing and record and did this successfully..


Music has played a big part in my life and can influence mood and bring great joy and pleasure. I love a variety of music and artists of varing ages and styles. I want to bring music to the young and old. Music feeds the soul and hold memories which can take you through life and hardship. Good music lives for ever.


Welcome to my blog. My goal is to share the power and influence of music in our lives and draw comments and information from other viewers. Music has had a profound effect on my life and no doubt for many of you.